Use Feng Shui to Spice Up Your Bedroom

           There are times for everyone when life seems predictable and our love life seems stagnant. For some it feels that finding someone special is more like Mission: Impossible and if we are in a relationship, the love life may seem non existent. If this is you, maybe you should think about using Feng Shui to improve your romantic life.

Feng Shui is the Chinese art of creating the environment in a home or room that will give you the life you want. The key element in Feng Shui is creating a flow of positive energy or chi. This is similar to a light breeze moving through your house and landing in your bedroom. Blocked or stagnant energy will leave you no luck or enthusiasm in romance. So you need to balance the chi of your bedroom and using these Feng Shui techniques is a good start in creating and attracting that love you want.

Select the correct bedroom: Your bedroom’s position within the home is very important. The ideal location is the southwest corner of the house. If that can’t be done, then use the southwest corner of the room as your power center for romance. This area should be enhanced with any objects or images that represent romance and love. They should also have deep personal meaning to you.

Position of the bed: You want to make sure that you have a good, solid headboard that runs North to South. You want the Earth’s natural flow to run through you as you sleep allowing life to move with ease. If the layout of your room doesn’t allow your headboard to be placed in the North then NE/NW or East or West is better than South to North. Also, place the bed on the opposite side of the room from the door. This is known as the “command position.” You’ll have a view of the door, can control your romantic environment and prevent surprises.

Your bed should be positioned so that there’s equal space on either side. This keeps you and your partner from feeling boxed in. 

Love Linens: Make sure you have clean linens and if you haven’t purchased new ones in a while, go do that. Choose a color that represents what you want to attract in your love life.

  • Green is a symbol of nature and can be symbolic of rejuvenation, hope and new beginnings.
  • Cool blue is symbolic of calm water and can attract serenity, tranquility and peace.
  • Red is symbolic of fire and symbolizes passion, romance and intensity although don’t over do it or you will risk burn out.
  • Pink is the symbol of true romance. It combines the fiery red with white to create the symbol for lasting love. It’s often most recommended for newlyweds.
  • Go with skin colors in your room because it feels calm and natural. Not only are they peaceful but they also symbolize an embrace.

Romantic tidiness:  Clean and de-clutter your bedroom. Clutter blocks the chi flow into and through your bedroom. Clutter doesn’t just happen at once but gradually over time ,so schedule a time to organize, de-clutter, clean off your floors, reorganize your closet and clear off the top of your night stand and dresser. Throw out anything that reminds you of past failed love such as photos, old love letters, and gifts. You want to create a safe place for you to feel comfortable and find love again.

Create space: If you’re hoping to find a new partner or want more of a commitment in your current relationship, make sure there’s enough space for that person and more love in your home and your room. Clear your closets so that at least 25 percent of the space is free.

The incorrect bedroom exercise: Don’t do your exercise workouts in your bedroom. If you keep out the hard work energy from your area for romance, your relationships won’t be so confrontational. Also, don’t read books or watch TV in bed. The bed has two purposes, sleeping and sex. 

Togetherness Images: Clear out images that show only one person or lone objects that suggest solitude and loneliness. Choose romantic artwork or pairs of objects such as pillows, candles, and floral arrangements. Good Feng Shui is a round mirror because the shape says wholeness and completion. Be sure that it doesn’t reflect the window or door since that deflects your good chi away from you. Keep plants in your bedroom and house but they need to be living ones. In traditional Feng Shui do not use anything that was once alive.

Sensuality: Last of all, delight your senses. Wear sexy lingerie, have soft lighting, and watch sexy movies to feed your sight. For sound, listen to your favorite romantic songs. Use lotions, perfumes and scented candles to delight your sense of smell. Keep your hair clean and silky, wear garments made of silk and sleep on silk sheets to feed your sense of touch. Try champagne and strawberries dipped in chocolate for taste.

These ideas can start you off but once you start using Feng Shui, your romantic life should start to drastically improve. Check out this great book for more detailed information about Feng Shui and romance. The Western Guide to Feng Shui for Romance.

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