The Value of Writing an Old Fashioned Love Letter

The value of writing or receiving an old fashioned love letter, has not been lost on me. Depending on how old you are, you may not remember what it was like getting a handwritten love letter. Your grandparents, and possibly even your parents, will remember that feeling of the postman dropping off the mail. Finding that special envelope addressed just to you will be the highlight of your day.

I have a 75 year old surrogate Grandma who is my long time pen pal. We appreciate the thoughtfulness and uniqueness of the stationary. The message inside and even the journey it took to get there add to the romanticism of said gesture. Handwritten love letters have been rendered obsolete because of technology. Times change and so must we…but is the love letter totally lost on this generation of lovers? I’m here to tell you the value of the old fashioned love letter!

Love Letter Writing is Nostalgic

These days the need for handwritten love letters has just about disappeared. You can just email or text your love and have it delivered instantly. Especially for our generation, getting a handwritten letter in the mail can be the most unique and endearing gift of all.

A letter in the mail is nostalgic. Once upon a time it was the only way a couple could communicate across long distances. The only way to send news, gossip, or tell your lover that you miss then was sending a letter. It was an era when there were no such things as phones or computers. Writing a letter brought people together and kept them together. Love between people is as old as time and what better way to celebrate your love.

Love Letter Writing is Unique and Personal

There is something so special when someone we love does something special for us. Because they took the time to write out all their thoughts and feeling, it makes it especially unique. The amount of effort and thought goes much farther than a text. It’s also exciting when you open your mailbox and see something other than a bill. For the sender, there is an enormous amount of pride and accomplishment that comes from doing something super romantic.

Your Love Letters Are Part of Your Legacy

Once you’ve read it, you probably will read it over and over again. You can tuck it into your purse or backpack and take it with you to school or work. Throughout the day, you know it’s sitting close to you. When you take a break, it’s there for you to read once more. Far after you are gone, no one will care about the million texts you may have sent. But, a letter will last. It can even be passed down to the generations to come. Now, ask yourself, seriously, if emails get the same response. Can you think of a single email that would be worth printing out and storing away?  Letters are part of your legacy!

You Don’t Necessarily Have to Mail your Letters

Speak the words that are in your heart in the form of ink on paper. Then you can choose to either mail it or leave it in a special place to be found. These are perfect little surprises to include in a briefcase or suitcase. When he unpacks, he’ll find your thoughtful little surprise and think about you the entire time you’re apart. You can keep your letter romantic or spice it up a bit. The choice is yours. The point of an old fashioned hand written love letter is that you took the time. You sat down, wrote it and now it can be cherished for times to come.


  1. Buy some stationary. It doesn’t have to be fancy. If you have an at-home printer you can easily make your own. Target and Michael’s have a nice selection. Here is an all in one set created by a TED Speaker, Hannah Brencher. It’s called, The World Needs More Love Letters All-in-One Stationery and Envelopes. I like to buy the packs with various different styles because it can be tailored to different occasions and it can add variety.
  2. Keep some good pens handy. If you are like me, you probably can never find a pen when you need one. I’m sure that all my pens are hanging out with all my lost socks and hair ties having a party somewhere. Try to get some good quality pens and keep them in a super secret locale where no one else can find them and you can’t lose them.
  3. Find some time to write. With all of our hectic and busy lives it’s hard to find time to just sit and do anything these days. I recommend carving out a good half-hour up to a solid hour in a comfortable chair at a table and get to writing. Once you get into the swing of things, you’ll find it easier and easier to write and come up with things to say that you haven’t already communicated through text. Remember, this letter isn’t about who needs to buy dog food, it’s intended to be romantic, thoughtful, sweet and for you to share your appreciation for that special person in your life.
  4. Include a self addressed, stamped envelope. If you want a response back from your lover include a self addressed stamped envelope. Therefore, they not only get the hint but they don’t have to worry about getting a stamped envelope together.
  5. Anyone will do. If you don’t have a lover send a loving letter to someone else that you care about. For example, family, friends, grandparents you haven’t talked to in ages. Anyone who loves you will appreciate the thoughtfulness and spreading joy and love is what life is all about.

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