Stop Trying to Prove Yourself and Start Improving Yourself

           The world we live in today can be quite stressful.  It seems everyone is anxious, overwhelmed and downright depressed. When you add in our current cultural climate it simply compounds the anxiety and makes everything seem even more overwhelming.

Add to the fact that we live in a heavily materialistic society it can be easy to get caught up thinking that objects and money define happiness.  Reality television shows, which are actually more like unreality shows, depict life as an endless party and make others feel that their life is a bore by comparison.

Young women are given the impression that if they don’t have a mouth like a fish and a butt that’s artificially huge, they won’t be able to find a man or be happy and no one will want them.  All of it can make anyone feel less than confident. If we want to improve ourselves we must first stop trying to impress others. It’s all up to you and what you want. Improve yourself in ways that matter to you, not the rest of the world.  

Begin by having an attitude of gratitude. People that are thankful for things they already have are happier in general and therefore in a better position to improve.

Make a list of all the things about yourself that you want to make better. If you want to lose weight, make an actionable, realistic plan to do so in a realistic time frame.  Or, maybe you want to be a better cook. Try taking some classes or reading some books, try some new recipes. Whatever you want to improve about yourself, just be sure to take action on it.  Dreams only work if you do and the universe will help you, if you just meet it halfway.

Living in the present will help as well.  It’s called the “present” because that’s what it is.  Every day is indeed a gift, a wonderful present we should be thankful for and use that gift to be the best we can be. Whatever makes you feel good, keep doing that. If you feel miserable around a so called friend, get a new one.  If you work at a job you despise, quit. Life is too short to not do what makes us happy. Even by just doing the most little simple things that bring us joy we can change ourselves.  It’s been proven that just the smell of fresh cut grass can lift someone’s mood. Writing in a journal can reduce stress as well.

You can improve yourself by helping others improve themselves.  We are all connected and life is a steady ocean of waves coming and going. We can either go with the flow or ride against the wave by being negative. If you truly want to improve yourself, doing any random act of kindness is a great start. Getting to a mindset of giving and giving freely takes work. It challenges our long-ingrained beliefs that keeping as much as possible ensures our well-being. And if you are fortunate to have the financial means to share, why wait? You can’t after all, take anything with you to the next place. So why not start giving now, when you can enjoy the experience of generosity and see for yourself all the benefits and opportunities it has the potential to create for the greater good and yourself.

Improving yourself isn’t just exercising and taking better care of your body, even though that’s a great start, but more about changing our mindset and our behaviors. Attracting a better version of you to yourself is easy when you make the decision to stop worrying about what anyone else thinks and start caring about what matters most to you. To figure out what the best exercise is for you, check out: The Best Exercise For Your Personality Type

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