How to Make Your Vagina Taste and Smell Delicious!

When it comes to being intimate with someone we all want to be the best we can be. We’ve all heard those horror stories from friends and let’s face it….we never want that to be us. With all the waxing, washing, wiping and prepping that goes on down there, how can we be sure that when those excited juices start flowing it tastes and smells as fantastic as it should?

First thing to remember is that everyone tastes and smells different. Each woman has her own unique flavor and the goal is to compliment and enhance the flavor making it more palatable for your partner. You’re not going to be able to make your vagina taste like a strawberry milkshake, and if that is what the guy wanted, he should have gone to an ice cream shop. So, don’t feel weird that your vagina still tastes like a vagina. Hopefully he knows what he is getting into when he buries his face between your legs.

The detergent you use to wash your clothes can effect the smell and taste of your vagina. Stay away from detergents that have added dyes, fragrances and chemicals. Those added chemicals can actually make you smell worse. Seventh Generation Free & Clear is a great detergent. Not only is it free from all the nasty stuff, it’s also hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and about 96% plant based.

  Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soaps are amazing.   Check them out!

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soaps are amazing. Check them out!

The soap you use to wash yourself is also extremely important. Some soaps leave behind residues and don’t effectively clean the skin. We recommend Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soaps. Not only are they gentle and non-toxic they are also organic, vegan, and biodegradable. They effectively and sensitively clean your area. You’ve made it past the four dates and you’ve got a date with the person you like and you know you are about to get to more serious things. Your underwear is nice, you don’t have any hair on your body and you are ready to show them what an interesting partner you can be in bed. However, you have one more concern: what if they try to go down there? What if your vagina smells bad?

Well, luckily for you, there are some foods that you can eat to solve these problems. A few days before your date include them in your diet and on the big day you will be completely ready. Here we go!

  Pineapple is not only healthy but it can improve your taste and smell.

Pineapple is not only healthy but it can improve your taste and smell.

Pineapple. Pineapple is not only a healthy and tasty fruit but it will make you taste better. Lou Paget, the Los Angeles sex seminar guru and author of books like “The Great Lover Playbook,” says that eating pineapple and fruit in general can make your private parts taste and smell better, since it’s full of acids and sugar. Why don’t you order a smoothie before dinner?

 Yogurt is an amazing probiotic that can help regulate the beautiful ecosystem called the vagina.

Yogurt is an amazing probiotic that can help regulate the beautiful ecosystem called the vagina.

Yogurt. Yogurt contains beneficial bacteria that will make your metabolism work properly (and help you avoid awkward noises), and also balance the bacteria that is already present in your private parts. Plus, it’s healthy!

Mint. I’m sure this is no surprise, since everyone knows how good mint is for a fresh breath. Yes, it will also work for other areas. Since gum does not contain enough mint to make a difference, you can add fresh mint to your lemonade and you will be ready for the big kiss.

Cranberry Juice. Cranberry juice is well known for the effect that it has over the smell and the taste of your body. Of course, drinking a glass of it might not have immediate effect, so you can have it on a daily basis and enjoy the benefits long-term.

  Watermelon will remove any taste or smell that's already there.

Watermelon will remove any taste or smell that’s already there.

Watermelon. Enjoy this delicious fruit as often as you can, and you will enjoy amazing sex with your partner. Although it will not make your lady smell a certain way, it will remove any taste or smell that’s already there. Besides, it does a great job cleaning your teeth, so if you ate something fishy at dinner you can save yourself with a slice of watermelon.

*****Remember that no matter how you feel about your body, your partner will not see any defects. The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own skin and to enjoy every moment.


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