Hidden Gem – Beautiful Mackinac Island in the Great Lakes

Mackinac Island is truly a hidden gem of the Great Lakes. Mackinac Island is truly beautiful and hard to put into words how timeless and breathtaking it truly is.

To visit this charming destination is to travel back in time. There are no motor cars on the island other than emergency vehicles. The preferred modes of transportation are bicycles and horse & carriage rides. The sound of hoofs clomping on the streets and the aroma of fresh baked fudge in the air transport you to a most pleasant time and place. You literally feel as though you have traveled back in time.

On this island there are no hotel or restaurant chains. All businesses are privately owned. And yes, it is truly an island so the only way to get there is via ferry.

The Grand Hotel of Mackinac is spectacular.

A 100 white rocking chairs on the world’s longest porch lined in red carpet greets you as you enter. You feel like royalty just entering the hotel. With over 329 rooms, no two rooms are alike. Prices range from $329-$1650 per night. The Grand Hotel has kept the integrity of Old World architect. It is a special place to visit if not to spend the night just for the day. It is most famously known for being the location where the movie Somewhere In Time was filmed. Somewhere in Time was a 1972 film starring Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. Private tours are available as well. They even have afternoon Tea Party Tours where you dine in the style of a 1800’s tea time. Scones and pastries that will tickle your fancy are available as well. And as any true grand hotel it is encompasses ghost stories and tales of haunting measures.

Mackinac Island is an enchanting magical place.

There are forests, fudge and ice cream shops, fine dining and shopping. The shops have both a grandeur and a quaintness like nothing you’ll ever visit. The town leaves you with a melancholy feeling almost dreading your return to the real world. You can rent a bicycle and explore on your own. Some people wander around the Grand Hotel, or take one of the numerous tours available. You could wine and dine at a restaurant or hike the trails. No matter what you do, you will be sure to fall in love with Mackinac Island.

You need to visit Mackinac Island during the summer months. All the Clydesdale horses are shipped off the island for the Winter. The horses are the most beloved creatures on the island.

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  1. I once came across Mackinac Island while doing some search online, I think it would be great to visit the place and see those horses that enjoy the pleasure of a vacation. LOL.

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