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Are you "burned out" by love?

Love exhaustion or being “burned out” by love is a real thing and unfortunately it happens. Whether you’ve encountered failed relationship after failed relationship, been on too many bad dates or just became totally suffocated and disappointed by your last relationship you may be burned out.

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Easy Ways To Turn Him Off

You thought everything was going so swimmingly! This great guy and you really seemed to be hitting it off. There were amazing dates and romantic weekend getaways. Everything was just so perfect from your point of view. Then, suddenly, he’s too busy to see you, rarely calls you, and finally tells you that he feels things just aren’t working out. You never saw this coming! What HAPPENED? Have a look at the following things that just may have turned off your Prince Charming:

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Try to Date People Not Like You: My First Boyfriend and What I Learned.

 When I was in my late teens I had three friends who were a lot of fun to hang out with. We would go to college parties, teen night at a local club, parties in the desert, even drive around drinking stolen peppermint schnopps chasing it with sprite. Now, the idea makes me cringe. 

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