24 Reasons Strong Women Won't Date You

Strong women are amazing. We are outgoing, charismatic, fun, passionate, together, independent and loving. Most men if not all dream of dating a strong woman; and the reason behind this is because of all of her wonderful qualities and more. The truth is that a lot of men don’t understand why they haven’t had success finding and or dating a strong woman but to better understand this we must first understand why you are not getting the time of day in the first place. I’ve put together a list of 24 reasons why a strong woman might not want to date you. Read on to better your odds and level the playing field so you can find and keep the woman of your dreams.


1.   Fearless– Strong women are not afraid to tell you what they did wrong or will call someone out on their lies. They aren't afraid of you or anyone else. They know how to admit their faults and apologize for mistakes but they have no problem letting someone else know about their poor decisions or wrong doings.

2.    High Expectations– Strong women have high expectations and high standards so even if they like you and the sex is great, if you are not treating them the way they deserve or want, they will walk away.

3.    Move on -  Strong women know how to let go of the things that no longer serve them or bring them joy. They have no problem letting go of someone who isn't adding value to a relationship.


4.    No Man Needed – Strong women crave love and affection and they are good at giving and showing it but they will never need a man to complete them. Love will always be a choice to them; not something they’re looking for out of fear of being alone or getting old.

5.    Never Settle – Strong women will not tolerate being treated like an option or being part of a bunch of women you are dating. Strong women know what they want and deserve in a relationship and want to be put on a pedestal and treated with respect.

6.    Rules are for breaking- In love or in life, don’t expect strong women to follow any dating practices you’re used to or play it safe. Strong women thrive on risk taking and breaking the norms and dating is no different.

7.    Strong women can fight their own battles– Strong women can stand up anytime for themselves and will not hold back. They are used to fighting their own battles and do so proudly. They can hold their own in conversations, arguments and negotiations. They don't need you to fight for them or stand up for them unless they want you to.

8.     No compromising– Strong women won’t compromise their standards for you and they know what kind of person they deserve to be with. If you were an outgoing, hard working individual who has slowly let themselves go or neglected the person you sold a strong woman on, they will not be sympathetic or make an exception. Your ethics are what attracted her to you and your laziness will quickly detach her from you.

9.    Surprise! – Strong women will surprise you by how daring and bold they are, and they will never shy away from anything they truly want. They can have fun doing anything and they know how to make any situation a whole lot more exciting and entertaining.


10. Content with their own lives – Strong women are satisfied with their own lives, love is a sweet addition not a necessity for them. They always want more and strive to be better versions of themselves but they are just as happy and content without you in it.

11.    Confident confidence! – Strong women are overconfident that they will be fine and that they will find someone better than you. They are confident in themselves and their ability to perform and master any craft.

12.    Rejection – Strong women face more rejections because they actually go out and ask for what they want instead of waiting for things to come to them and the more risks they take the more they get rejected. Rejection doesn't depress them or hinder them but instead fuels their fire and desire for more. They don't waste their time on things that don't serve them and if someone rejects them they can easily move on without a second thought.


13.   No? No problem – Strong women are not scared of the word ‘no,’ they’ve heard it before, and they will continue to hear it, but that doesn’t stop them from trying.

14.    Who? What? When? Where? Why?– Strong women will ask the questions that men like to evade, they will ask where they stand and where things are going. On a first date, they will ask deep questions about family maybe even questions about financial acumen or any other sticky uncomfortable questions. They aren't afraid to get to know people or know where they stand.

15.    Did you say passion? – Strong women are passionate and curious in all aspects of their lives. They are passionate about what they do and who and how they love. When a strong woman loves someone she loves them with intensity and an immense passion for which there is no comparison.


16.    Heartbreak Hotel – Even though they act like they’re unbreakable, they’ve fallen in love and gotten heartbroken before. Because they love with such passion and such commitment they often find themselves disappointed or hurt. They can bounce back but a broken heart takes time.

17.    Wise beyond their years – Strong women are wise and smart, they just need to know who is worthy of it and who is just playing with their hearts. They care a great deal and are often juggling so much that they sometimes forget to relax and smell the flowers.

18.    No validation necessary - Strong women look for validation from their success, their work, their friendships and how they lead their lives. They don't need a significant other to tell them they are doing a good job. It's nice to receive compliments but strong women know that actions speak louder than words.


19.    Patience in love– Strong women know that the right person will find them when the time is right and they don’t let their relationship status define their worth or define them.

20.    Hard to get – No matter how sweet talking, well dressed, put together you are strong woman might reject your proposal. Living busy, full lives is important to them and they don't have time for insincere men or men who aren't committed to getting to know them. It takes time and patience to get to know a strong woman but it's worth the wait.

21.    High quality standards – If you don’t meet their standards they will reject you. Strong women usually have organized, clean, well put together home environments and take care in the way they dress and carry themselves. If you dress like a slob, your home is a mess and you don't pride yourself on your appearance, a strong woman will see it and toss you to the curb.


22.    Straight to the point – There’s no beating around the bush for strong women. Strong women prefer a straight to the point, no holds barred approach that leaves no room for misinterpretation. They are direct communicators and don't like to waste your time just as much as they don't want to waste their own.

23.   Busy Busy Busy! – Strong women tend to lead busy lives. They have full schedules, lots of activities, commit themselves fully to their work and/or home life. If you want to get to know them you need to respect their busy schedule by working with them to find an optimal time to get together.

24.    They have a life – One thing you can guarantee is that a strong woman isn’t a needy woman. She had friends before she met you and she will have friends while she is with you. She has other things going on and as special as she makes you feel in a relationship, you are not the center of her universe. Jealousy is not appreciated with a strong woman. She does not have time to deal with insecure men and their jealous nature.

A strong woman's level of independence, deep passion, power, and honesty, means that only a man with integrity and respect can truly love her and earn her love and respect.

Maggie Shaffer