Will Waiting For Sex Build a Stronger Relationship?


There’s the good, the bad and the times that just don’t count.

Sex: it’s big. For some, it’s bigger than big. Yet, for many, sex is as routine as sloshing around the bar on a Saturday night.

Now research shows that when it comes to hopping in the sack, it could be best to wait.


A 2010 study at Brigham Young University suggests that the longer you wait for sex – especially if waiting until marriage – you’ll have a more stable and satisfying a relationship. According to a July 2015 article on Business Insider, it is important to note that BYU has research owned by religious institutions. However, other data shows similar results.

A study conducted in the early 2000’s at Illinois State University found that saying, “I love you” before having sex could have a powerful impact on the future of the relationship. True, people can say those three words early on, but researcher Sandra Metts found most of the results came with time.

Having sex too soon can also have negative effects on one’s relationship. Research from these studies suggests that sex is more than physical – even for the guys – and it’s impossible for most people to train their bodies to work against their minds.

In Metts’ research, she found couples that had sex first and said “I love you” after had a negative experience. The introduction of the conversation was often awkward and apologetic. She and other psychologist argue both partners should be on the same page.
Sex is an investment. When you jump that investment for a quick fling, it’ll affect your psyche and potentially your future relationships too.


Consider waiting for sex. Anticipation will help you build a stronger connection to your partner and may help you make sound decisions for your relationship.

Sometimes sex isn’t enough, and, somehow, the lack of sex speaks louder than the act itself.