The Power Within You


Inside all of us lies a power so strong that it can change the course of time but in order to get there we must first, and most importantly, change ourselves and the way we look at and handle life. It’s no doubt that life is full of ups and downs, roadblocks and U turns but when we slow down we can figure out what matters most so we can put our energy there with as much love and intention as possible. With some simple techniques and tips all people are capable of changing any situation that they don’t like and returning home to themselves and the power that resides within. By embracing the parts of yourself you were told weren’t beautiful or good enough you can love who you really are and begin to heal.


Tune into your Body


Your body is sacred and should be treated as such. By embracing self-care through mindful eating habits and exercise you are truly reclaiming your natural self. Daily affirmations, rituals, and ancient practices such as meditation and yoga can be used to help create frame works for our lives that can make every moment sanctified and holy.

In the fast-paced society that we live in it is hard to imagine slowing down, but we don’t have to feel rushed or live counter to what our spirit, the universe, or what God wants. While not every moment is easy, we can feel more at ease in every moment. We find that even when life is moving so quickly there are ways to calibrate and to learn to take deep breaths and make more intentional movements.


Challenge the Stories You Tell About Who You Are


It’s always important to take a look at the negative thought patterns and beliefs that we have, and think of them as weeds. Any horticulturist can tell you that weeds are pervasive to any garden just like negative thoughts, thought patterns and beliefs can be pervasive to your existence. By focusing on what we do want in our minds and in our lives, this allows us to pick the weeds that only serve to deteriorate the parts of us that let us grow. Some good questions to ask yourself are: Are there any lessons that you’ve learned that are no longer useful to your goals or are there any seeds that may have been planted by someone else that have been allowed to grow without you realizing it?

Clearing out negativity is essential for growth and is one of the first steps to living a more fulfilled life and recognizing the power within you.


Expand Your Capacity to Receive

Thoughts are key here - in this case, thoughts around what we believe is possible. Some of us have been told that we weren’t “worthy” or that we can’t have what we want for whatever reasons. Social media has put increased pressure by providing us with comparators. You may have seen someone who looks totally together and think “Wow, look at that amazing life. I can’t have that.”


The truth is that we can have anything and be anything we want to be. Expanding our capacity to receive is about making sure that you aren’t saying "no" to the wealth of opportunities presented to you and that you are holding out an open palm instead of a closed fist.

By taking a look at all the reasons that you may not feel you “deserve” something, you can break down the patterns and behaviors that you have used for a crutch for so long.

Start by giving yourself what you need and eliminate what you don’t need. Once you do that, you can begin to give to others and they will give to you. We expand through love and kindness.


Be Vulnerable


Vulnerability is the most powerful and human place to operate from. People not only relate to you and believe in you when you’re vulnerable but you can also create better personal and work relationships, better communities and societies. Being vulnerable is an opportunity to practice being soft and supple in consciousness and the more you open your heart the easier it gets. The more you open up the more you inspire others to do so.

By being vulnerable we expand our capacity for love, empathy, compassion, and joy, and it also expands our ability to receive and to give.

Your inner light is beautiful, compassionate, vulnerable, giving, intuitive, honest, loving, and unique, and it it is the Power Within you. Embrace your power and you will have it all.


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