Winter Date Ideas for the Couple That Is Stuck Inside

Ah…Winter time. Cozy blankets, slippers, comfy jackets, mulled wine, pumpkin pie and plenty of time one on one with your lover, indoors, for days on end, with no end in sight. How do you keep romance alive while being around each other cooped up for days? Well…my team and I have put together some chill yet unique ideas to keep the love alive without annoying the holy hell out of each other. Because, after all…winter time should bring us closer without smothering each other.


Get all the blankets, pillows, backs of couches, sleeping bags, and air
mattresses you can find and make a huge living room fort. Get some battery operated candles. (Let’s just say I almost turned my inside sex fort into my fiery grave one year). Once your romantic indoor fort is setup I recommend getting grapes, some wine
and cheese and some fun easy games to play. It’s such a fun way to pretend
that you are somewhere else even though you are still trapped in your


How about a spa day! Many men will deny it, ALL men love a spa
day. Facials, massages, pedicures, aromatherapy, pretending you are a
reiki expert, smoothies, you name it….they love it. Lay some towels down,
warm some water up, play some mystical relaxation music and pop those
zits. Not only is it so satisfying for most women I know, but most people
love being pampered. When you are done, flip on your stomach, set the
timer and let them give you a deep tissue massage for an hour. Here is A LUXURIOUS SPA SET for you experience at home.


Get drunk! Invite some friends over for a fun themed snowed in party
or keep it just the two of you. Make a theme of it by making margaritas, tacos and watching Nacho Libre or drinking piña coladas, turn up the heat and wear swim suits and watch Jaws. Being silly is a great idea.


The couple that cooks together eats together. I am obsessed with Chopped. I would have my ex put together a basket of ingredients for me to cook with. The problem is that on the show they have a whole kitchen of other ingredients to choose from whereas I only had mustard and some rice to include with my basket ingredients. Needless to say cheddar cheese brussels sprouts, mustard mash potatoes and candy corn rice did not make me a “Chopped Champion” but it did make for plenty of laughs, a good story and a big tip for an overworked pizza boy.


Winter time can be chalk full of businesses coming up with inventive ways to keep themselves afloat. For instance, live music, drink specials, book clubs, poetry readings, comedy shows and late night bonfires on the beach. I

One of my favorite winter activities that I’ve never done is ice skating. Most people tell me that you don’t have to be an expert. I can tell you first hand that everyone I know that I’ve gone with looks like and tells me that they have had a blast. Also…it is such a fun thing to do with a lover. You can hold and touch each other all you want knowing full well that if you go down they are going down with you. Such teamwork.

This winter, all you really need to keep romance alive is a little imagination, a good sense of humor, respect for personal space and the willingness to be open minded. All people love people that can roll with the punches. Winter is a brutal season. You can let winter bring you together or drive you apart. Even if it’s winter outside…it can still be spring inside.

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  1. Getting out of the house is my favorite. I value the need to enjoy the outdoor winter experience with my partner and it is such a good time to see the nightlife and night music.

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