10 Simple Secrets To Making Love Last

Relationships require a lot of work. In fact, the better the relationship, the more time and energy we focus on it. Most people believe that inevitably over time romance dies and relationships simply become tolerable, but that doesn’t have to be the case. A study done by Acevedo and Aron looked at whether or not romantic love, defined as “love with intensity, engagement, and sexual interest” can last in relationships. They studied short- and long -term relationships and found that romantic love CAN exist in long-term relationships.  Lead researcher Bianca P Acevedo, Ph.D., states that even though romantic love is an attainable goal, but that it, “like most good things in life, required energy and devotion.”

We’ve put together a list of 10 simple secrets to making your romantic love last. We feel confident that by putting these secrets into practice you’ll prove the romantic love can truly last…if you want it to.

1. Tell the truth  1. Tell the truth

Tell The Truth!

Even if you’ve told a little white lie or bent the truth a bit to avoid an argument, it’s best to come clean and be honest. Telling the truth allows for trust and creates a bond and a mutual safe feeling which can fuel romantic love.  

Work it = Worth It

Real-life romance and relationships aren’t like the ones we see in movies. Only in fairy-tale land would you have a flawless relationship without even trying. Real relationships take time and patience.

Make sure the flow of give and take is even. If you’re both working on it, you can have whatever you work towards. It takes time and a lot of patience to go through the Love Levels. Practice understanding and take the time to listen. Sounds simple but trust me, it can be quite challenging.

When you both have a goal to have a healthy relationship you are

Remember Opposites Attract

Sometimes, that “thing” that drove you crazy in a great way in the beginning becomes that “thing” that drives you crazy later on, in a bad way. Instead of having it aggravate you, embrace it. If he loves sports, get him some tickets to a game. Do this and I bet next time you want to go to paint night you won’t have to beg, as much anyway.

Never attempt to change your partner

This is a recipe for disaster. Who your partner is cannot be changed. They are who they are and they liked what they liked before you, and if you can’t handle that, they will still like what they like after you.  One thing that anyone in a relationship can appreciate is someone that accepts them for who they are. It boils down to compromise. When you show you can put up with their quirks, they will be more likely to return the favor.

Learn to Let it Gooooooooo

There will be times when no matter how much you two argue, yell, scream over a disagreement, you will not come up with the answer. Not everything can be fixed. When this does happen, don’t worry. Sometimes, the answer is just kiss, make-up and move-on. Don’t let an argument steal your joy.

6. Show some respect.  

Show Some Respect

This one should be a given, but sometimes we forget. Don’t let your comfort with each other get you in trouble. It’s true, we usually disrespect the ones we are close to and feel comfortable with. This is especially important in front of others – it’s worse to be disrespected with an audience.

Spend Quality Time

It’s simple, no excuses, make time for each other, period. We all have hectic lives, family, constant demands for our time but spending time with each other is really important. Eating dinner together, cuddling, working out together, even folding laundry can be an opportunity to spend some quality time.

Don’t Become One

 Loving someone and doing things together is great, but don’t forget who you are as an individual. After all, it was this individual that your partner was attracted to in the first place.

Stay Out of Dreamland

Remember that real relationships have problems.  No couple is perfect. Frankly, it would be boring if they were. It’s the issues that you make it thru that makes you that much stronger.  


This could be the most important one of all! Nothing is solved without communication. Learn to listen better. Instead of just waiting for them to stop talking so you can get your thoughts out, truly listen with an open mind and heart. Sometimes just knowing that your partner will listen to you can solve any issue before it begins. Like the golden rule, listen to others as you would like them to listen to you.

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